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Dangerous Road Conditions

Getting Paid for Lost Wages

When Road Hazards Cause Motorcycle Accidents

What if a dangerous road condition causes a motorcycle crash?

Don't Assume You're on Your Own if Road Conditions Cause a Crash

Just as drivers have a legal responsibility to drive with reasonable care to prevent accidents, companies and government agencies have a legal responsibility to keep our roads reasonably safe to ride on. Examples of preventable dangerous road conditions include:

  • A dump truck spills gravel on the road and it is not cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time, even though it's a known hazard to bikers.
  • A road construction crew fails to place warning signs of a construction zone, especially signs visible at night or poor visibility conditions.
  • A road is repaired or built such that water pools at a curve, or uneven metal plates are on the road and no one repairs the hazard or places a warning sign despite knowing of the danger.
  • A city or state fails to repair deep and dangerous potholes on the road or highway, even though they know the potholes are hard to see and could cause an accidents.
  • The agency responsible for a road fails to place adequate warning signs regarding road work, blind curves and other hidden dangers.

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