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California Motorcycle Law

Legal Information Provided by The Reinecke Law Firm: California Motorcycle Accident Attorney

California Motorcycle Law

How to Handle a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Read the book on "California Motocycle Law: How to Handle a Motorcycle Accident Claim" by By Thomas G. Reinecke, Esq.


  1. Introduction: How to Handle a Motorcycle Accident Claim
  2. Towing- Who Should Pay
  3. Storage- Avoid the Lien Sale
  4. Establishing Liability
  5. Lien Sales
  6. Motorcycle Repairs
  7. Selection of a Motorcycle Repair Shop
  8. Motorcycle Repair Charges
  9. Taking Delivery of Your Repaired Motorcycle
  10. Rental Vehicle- During Repairs
  11. What if Your Motorcycle is a "Total Loss?
  12. Motorcycle Salvage- Fair Market Value
  13. Motorcycle Depreciation- Off the Floor
  14. Motorcycle Evidence
  15. The Insurance Company Mentality in Motorcycle Claims
  16. Bad Faith Insurance Practices
  17. Motorcycle Accident Claim- "Get it Done... Right!"
  18. Motorcycle Insurance- More than Liability
  19. Motorcycle Insurance Issues- What's Covered
  20. Motorcycle Insurance Investigation
  21. Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM)
  22. Underinsured Motorist Claim (UIM)
  23. Medical Payment Coverage (MP)
  24. Health Insurance- Get It!
  25. Statutory Hospital Liens
  26. Homeowner's Insurance
  27. Business Liability Insurance
  28. Disability Insurance
  29. Government Claims- Statues and Claims
  30. Additional Insurance Coverage Issues
  31. Motorcycle Accident-Disputed Liability Cases
  32. Written or Recorded Statements- Don't Do It!
  33. Motorcycle Injury Medical Care
  34. First Report of Injury Symptoms
  35. Motorcycle Injuries
  36. Motorcycle Injuries to the Head and Brain
  37. Neck and Back Injuries
  38. Knee Injuries- Pain, Swelling, Instability?
  39. Choosing the Right Doctor After a Motorcycle Accident
  40. Motorcycle Injuries- Getting Well
  41. Talking to Your Doctor
  42. Medical Records
  43. The "Good Patient" Goal
  44. Motorcycle Accident Injury- the Recovery
  45. Future and Further Impact of a Motorcycle Accident
  46. Additional Damages- Lost Wages
  47. Loss of Future Earnings
  48. Documenting Changes in Your "Quality of Life"
  49. Do I Really Need a Motorcycle Attorney?
  50. Finding the Right Motorcycle Attorney
  51. Warning: Don't Be Fooled by Imposters/Referral Lawyers
  52. Meeting with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
  53. Qualifying a Professional Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
  54. Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Fees and Costs
  55. No Recovery, No Fee
  56. The Motorcycle Accident Attorney Checklist
  57. Settling Your Motorcycle Claim


Tom Reinecke

California Motorcycle Lawyer